Attack on Titan - Season 1 Collection 2
This was a continuation of one of the first limited edition series I worked on for Madman. This provided a premium product for fans of the show and was a strong entry in the series.

Set contains:
- Pikutami Strap    - Sina Tapestry    - Maria Tapestry    - Rose Tapestry
- 3D Lenticular Art Card    - Collector’s Hard Box
- "Notes from Beyond the Wall" Part II (22 Page Art Book)
Standard edition cover
Attack on Titan - Season 2
This was the season 2 continuation of the Attack on Titan series. Opting for a green colour scheme to distinguish this set from the previous season's blue and brown - and to match the more earthy tones of the season overall-taking place largely in wooded/forested areas.  
We would frequently produce unboxing videos for our collector's products as a way of giving fans a realistic view of the 'ins and outs' of the product. This one I put together was intended to have a bit of humour injected into it to give a more organic and relatable feel.
This in part resulted in a high amount of units sold and receiving positive feedback on social platforms. 
Standard edition
Canvas ad
Programs: Photoshop, After Effects
Of all the marketing assets I worked on in my time at Madman, the canvas ad was the stand-out. 

Initially, my proposal was to design an entire character section, giving bios for each of the main characters. I also presented the idea for a "where's Wally" style, omnidirectional. panorama. The intention for this was, you would scroll around with your finger and try and find a particular character. This was a first for these canvas ads and was intended to drive up engagement among users, however because of the limitations of the platform, the producers and licensors decided to go in a simpler direction, opting for a clean sales panorama and a tighter experience overall. 
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