AKIRA unboxing video
Programs used: After Effects/Premiere Pro
Celebrating the 30th anniversary of one of the most iconic and influential anime feature films ever made, Madman created a deluxe limited edition box-set reissue of Akira - including a DVD + Blu-ray combo pack Steel-book, official double-vinyl gatefold soundtrack, two books covering production and art, all wrapped up in premium packaging. 
My role was to produce an unboxing video for this product. Ordinarily, these videos would be produced in the office with a fairly standard approach to editing. This project was different as this property is somewhat of a passion to me. Because of this, I wanted to push this much further.

I started by illustrating a storyboard, intending for this video to take a more narrative approach. I then commissioned an actor and film hand to help me capture the footage. Once captured, I clipped and categorised the footage in preparation for editing.

The overall edit was produced in Premiere Pro with the motion tracking and rotoscoping for the sticker and the light bubble (shining through the buildings) produced in After Effects, then dynamically linked back to the original Premiere Pro edit. Finally, the finished edit needed to be colour graded and have an end-screen made. For this, I generated a green electricity particle that would trace around the title treatment, similar to that which appears around the wheels of the iconic motorbike from the film, followed by a simple slate displaying some flavour text and the release date for the set. 

This video was produced in 120, 60 and 30-second durations intended for different media platforms. 
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